Our 2022 World Barista Championship - Sarah's Schedule in Melbourne

Our 2022 World Barista Championship - Sarah's Schedule in Melbourne

We are very excited about our superstar Sarah, competing in the upcoming World Barista Championships. 

Sarah Competing at the Irish Barista Championships

Day 2 - Round 1 

Wednesday 28th September (GMT)
3.00 AM Set-Up Starts
3.30 AM Performance
8.00 AM Results


Keep an eye on our socials for a link to the live stream to watch Sarah's performance.

The following schedule is local time in Melbourne

Wednesday 28th September (GMT+9)
Sarah J Hannaway – Ireland
11:58 AM Be on stage
12:08 PM Table set (7min)
12:15 PM Set-up (15min)
12:30 PM Performance (15min) She/Her -
12:45 PM Clean-up (7min)
5.00 PM Results

Road to Melbourne 

Sarah was crowned Irish Barista Champion in 2020. With over seven years of experience in the specialty coffee industry, she's been an invaluable asset to the Bailies team, and we are so proud of her achievements.
Read more about her prep for the #WBC22 here.

Sarah made her first trip to source with the buying team in 2020. Together with Jan and Stephen, they met some of our farming partners in Ethiopia, where some of the world's finest coffees are grown.
These trips help to forge lasting links with the growers, and by sourcing the harvest ourselves, Bailies can ensure both the quality of coffee for our customers plus a fair price and ethical treatment for the producers.

You can see their trip to Ethiopia on our story highlights on Instagram.


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