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We’re delighted to re-introduce a family of producers and their farm that needs no introduction, Newerley and Johan Gutierrez of Monteverde, Colombia.

Belonging to a family of coffee producers that spans several generations, the Gutierrez brothers have been able to develop their knowledge coffee production and farm operations under the tutelage of their father Giraldo.

Both brothers have had the opportunity to expand upon ancestral knowledge with opportunities to embark upon courses and projects that have enabled and encouraged the passion for unique and unusual processing and experimentation with varietals.

The Mokka varietal launched the brothers and their farm to world-wide fame and recognition along with Wush Wush and, of course, Geisha – with each being paired with a specific post-processing method and meticulous selection.

Bailies first purchased the Mokka varietal in 2017, and it was a coffee that led several members of the Bailies team to levels of success in competition.

This year, also marks a very special time in our relationship with Monteverde as this will be the first year that we are able to work with the farm directly to bring this incredibly special microlot to you.


After hand picking the cherries, they have been placed in water filled barrels and fermented for 60 hours with rotating and replacing the fermentation water regularly. This allows the fermentation of the cherries to be controlled precisely without development of any over-fermented flavours. Once the process was done, the water was drained and the cherries were placed on raised beds under the drying tents they have built on top of their house. The coffee was slow dried over the course of 30 days. 

  • Region: Rio Blanco, Tolima
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1850 masl
  • Tasting: Orange Liqueur, Banana & Lime
  • Aroma: Guava
  • Acidity: High 
  • Body: Full 

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