4 Quick Tips for Better Home Brew - V60

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Whether you're new to pour over coffee or a seasoned pro, you should have figured out the many aspects of the brewing process can affect the taste of your V60 home brew.


We're here to help break down some key points to help you get the most from your specialty coffee.  


1. Never use boiling Water. 

Water that is too hot will affect the intensity and flavour of your coffee. Although boiling water will not 'burn' the coffee, as some claim, it could mean you miss some of the subtle flavours you should be experiencing from your brew. 


Aim for around 93-94 °C.  

Don't worry if you don't have a temperature-controlled kettle. Simply let your water cool for a couple of minutes. 


2. Wet your filter paper


Wetting your filter paper before brewing will rinse away any residue and remove the 'papery taste' you may notice in your morning coffee. In essence, you are washing the filter paper, resulting in a much cleaner-tasting brew. 


As well as improving the taste of your cup, this step leads to our next important tip. 


3. Pre heat your cup and V60 brewer


Consistency is key, and this simple step will ensure you have the best-tasting coffee every single morning. We recommend always preheating your brewer and cup. This will help to keep your water temperature consistent and at the recommended temperature throughout the brewing process. Skipping this step means the water temperature will drop when it comes into contact with the cold brewer, affecting the extraction of your coffee. 


4. Pre-infuse your coffee

Adding a small portion of your water in a circular motion helps to release CO2 and gases from your coffee and begin the extraction process before adding the rest of your water to the brew. This is called the Bloom. If you're following a brew guide, there will be an exact amount of water and time to let the coffee bloom. 


Generally, aim to add around 10% of the total water. This will also help to heat the container to create a more stable water temperature. 


Finish the rest of your pour-over in line with your preferred brew guide and ratio. Each sip changes as your coffee cools, allowing you to pick up on the taste notes and subtle changes.


Enjoy your Brew.

Brewing with the V60 can be challenging, especially when you're just starting out. However, mastering the V60 brew method can still be achieved over time with enough practice and patience.
Another key aspect for better home brews is the quality of your grinder
- read here about why its vital to invest in a good home grinder.
Remember, experimentation is key - never feel afraid to try something new!
So next time you sit down to brew some coffee on your V60, don't forget our last tip: try using whole beans instead of ground coffee. You probably won't believe the difference it makes.
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