SCA Barista Skills Intermediate Course

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This two day course is aimed at those who have at least one year experience as a barista and who are aspiring to broaden their knowledge and skillset.

Day 1 start time: 9.30am

Day 2 start time: 9.30am

The main course aims include:

  • Testing of core barista skills in grinder calibration, espresso preparation, milk steaming & pouring techniques
  • Introduction to green coffee by exploration of key attributes which affect the inherent taste balance and aromas of roasted coffee
  • To introduce advanced barista skills, knowledge and understanding in the following subjects:
    • Extraction & brewing
    • Sensory evaluation
    • Milk science & latte art
    • Workspace management
    • Cleaning, maintenance & troubleshooting

Assessment: written and practical exams, 70% pass mark.

Successful completion of this certification will earn participants 10 points towards SCA Coffee Diploma.