SCA Barista Skills Intermediate Course

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This two day course is aimed at those who have at least one year experience as a barista and who are aspiring to broaden their knowledge and skillset.

Day 1 start time: 9.30am

Day 2 start time: 9.30am

The main course aims include:

  • Testing of core barista skills in grinder calibration, espresso preparation, milk steaming & pouring techniques
  • Introduction to green coffee by exploration of key attributes which affect the inherent taste balance and aromas of roasted coffee
  • To introduce advanced barista skills, knowledge and understanding in the following subjects:
    • Extraction & brewing
    • Sensory evaluation
    • Milk science & latte art
    • Workspace management
    • Cleaning, maintenance & troubleshooting

Assessment: written and practical exams, 70% pass mark.

Successful completion of this certification will earn participants 10 points towards SCA Coffee Diploma.

Lunch and refreshments are provided during the course, please contact to inform of any special dietary requirements.


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