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An intermediate course to introduce advanced barista skills that develop further knowledge and understanding in core professional coffee preparation. This course explores some more complex elements of coffee quality theory e.g., strength, extraction. An introduction to green coffee by exploration of key attributes which affect the inherent taste balance and aromas of roasted coffee. While also exploring development of the key elements of coffee origin, processing, roast, storage, and freshness.


Successful completion of this certification will earn participants 10 points towards SCA Coffee Diploma.


The content covered will include:

  • Extraction theory & brewing concepts
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Milk science & latte art
  • Workspace management
  • Cleaning & maintenance
  • Troubleshooting


Skill level - Some experience required. Completion of the SCA Foundation course or minimum 1 year barista experience required. Require reasonable standard of workflow/speed, latte art, and confidence adjusting/dialling in grinder.

Course Length: 2-3 days (2 days teaching plus practical exam)

Timing: 10:00 AM – 17:00 PM


Practical Exam: Tests the learner’s existing skill in the following skills- grinder calibration, espresso preparation, milk steaming & pouring techniques. E.g., latte art, grinder adjustment skills should already be confident as they are not taught in detail within the course. Ideally barista will already be able to pour a heart and can confidently adjust the dose and grind on an on-demand grinder. All exams held on last day of the course.

Theory Exam: Online written exam, combination of multiple choice and short written answers. Completed in learners own time. 70% pass mark

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