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Umbra - Further developed roast for intensity.

Here’s one for the traditional espresso fans looking for that classic caffeine kick in their cup. Umbra is our darkest roast, a big-bodied aromatic blend with medium bitterness but, importantly, perfectly smooth. You’ll taste elements of dark chocolate as well as roasted almond rounded with a hint of soft caramel sweetness.

This is really intense as a straight shot – rich, full and dark – but with plenty of punch, even through a large latte.

Pendo - Our fully certified Fairtrade blend.

Our Pendo espresso blend is a fully certified Fair Trade blend that delivers a fantastic balance of amazing flavours. There’s almond nuttiness along with juicy rich forest fruits plus a soft, chocolatey smoothness. This is a true standout blend to delight any palate: balanced, with just enough body.

Very pleasant as a shot on its own, but also packing enough to perk up any cappuccino, latte or flat white.


Nota - An easy drinking, versatile blend.

Roasted peanut balanced with milk chocolate notes and a soft caramel sweetness makes Nota an easy-drinking espresso. It’s great on its own in a shot – quite sweet and full but without bitterness.

It is fantastic with milk in a latte, cappuccino or flat white. This is a real crowd-pleaser. 

Mella - Blended for Fruity, Honeyed Sweetness.

It’s sweetness all the way – from soft summer fruit and berry notes to hints of marzipan balanced with aromatic vanilla. Mella is a medium-bodied espresso blend, fragrant, not too heavy with a refreshing acidity, but with no sharpness or bitterness.

It excels on its own, but works well in lattes and cappuccinos where it highlights and complements the natural sweetness of the milk.

All our coffee beans are roasted locally on site in Belfast, Northern Ireland by our expert team of roasters.


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