Home Brew Class

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Course Description

Suitable for: casual coffee drinker, enthusiast, beginner.

Start time: 10:30am

Learn how to make better coffee at home with this hands on training session led by our expert trainers.

This class will explore 3 different brew methods – French Press, Aeropress & V60 – helping you learn about brew ratios, differences in grind size and how it impacts the brew, as well as the importance of the total brew time.  Learners will also do a comparative taste test between instant, supermarket pre-ground and freshly ground speciality coffees, highlighting what makes speciality coffee so different and unique.

This fun and informal training session are perfect for coffee enthusiasts who want to learn a bit more about what makes a great brew.  It takes place at our roastery and all attendees receive a tote and a bag of coffee on the day.