Home Brew Class

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This course is aimed at both the coffee enthusiast who wants to learn how to best make great tasting coffee at home as well as the the average coffee drinker who just wants to know a little bit more about what they're drinking. 

Class Information 

Duration: 2hrs
Start time: 10:30am

Class Description

Learn how to make better coffee at home with this hands on training session led by our expert trainers.

This class will explore 3 different brew methods – French Press, Aeropress & V60 – helping you learn about brew ratios, differences in grind size and how it impacts the brew, as well as the importance of the total brew time.  Learners will also do a comparative taste test between instant, super market pre-ground and freshly ground specialty coffees, highlighting what makes latter so different and unique.

This fun and informal training session is perfect for coffee enthusiasts who want to learn a bit more about what makes a great brew.  It takes place at our roastery and all attendees receive a tote and a bag of coffee on the day.