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This a professional course for the barista who is confident with everyday barista skills such as latte art, grind adjustment, efficient workflow, and sensory skills. This 3-day course builds on the key concepts around espresso brewing. This course will explore recipe creation and its predictable outcomes and variables. Key sensory development and café management. Revisiting workflow standards and latte art skills.


The content covered will include:

      • Key factors which impact coffee flavour and quality
      • How to measure and make predictions around strength and extraction
      • Sensory theory-how we taste coffee.
      • Milk Science
      • Useful calculation for café management (profit margins, fixed and variable costs)
      • Customer Service standards


Skill Level - This course is the final/highest qualification in the SCA Barista Skills Module, learners must have completed and passed the Intermediate level at least 3 months prior to taking this course. This 3-month wait is intended to give learners the opportunity to bed in the new knowledge and skills acquired at the intermediate level, before developing further to the professional level. The core skills are required to be at a reasonably high standard to pass the practical exam in the time allowed.


Course Length: 3 days (2 learning, 1 days of exams)

Timing: 10:00 AM – 17:00 PM


Theory Exam – 30 questions, each worth one point. 32 mins to complete exam. Exam completed online at Leaner’s convenience. 80% passing score.

Practical Exam – 4 Practical tasks designed to test understanding and high skill levels in the following skills…

Sensory Perception – Blind cupping, the barista must pick the odd cup in 4 sets of 3, and state what the difference is (acid/bitter/sweet/stale)

Brew Recipe design – Develop a recipe for a coffee you have no prior experience with, given to you by the examiner.

Optimise Brew recipe – Based on taste and TDS/Extraction make one change to your brew recipe to further optimise flavour and extraction. Make predictions on how these changes will affect the brew ratio, taste, and extraction.

Workflow and latte art – Pour 2 matching pairs within 8 minutes.

Learner must pass each task to a reasonable standard.

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