SCA Barista Skills Professional Course

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Professional level is suitable for baristas with considerable experience who have also completed the Intermediate qualification. 

There must be at least 3 months in between passing the SCA Intermediate Barista skills module and attending the Professional class.

This 3 day course is for those baristas that have previously completed the intermediate qualification and wish to progress further in their coffee career. It takes both a scientific and managerial perspective to coffee and making espresso-based drinks with an in-depth focus on extraction, methodology and equipment understanding.

Discounts available for SCA members, please contact with your SCA membership number

The content covered will include:

  • Know your coffee  develop an understanding of various coffee origins and varietals
  • Cupping – attendees will be given a chance to taste and sample a selection of our specialty single origin coffees
  • Methodology - develop a comprehensive understanding of espresso extraction
  • Machine setup - understand temperature profiling, TDS and refractometer usage
  • Run your own cafe - A guide to setting up a cafe, covering all areas from operations to cafe workflow
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