Boot Camp

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Course Description

Suitable for: experienced barista/industry professional.

This two-day, intensive course will cover the key topics that will help every barista create better coffee.  Ideal for those currently working in the industry who wish to sharpen their sensory and brewing skills.

Start time: 10am

Finish time: 5pm

Day 1: Sensory - An introduction

During day one we will cover the mechanisms that we use to experience coffee, why does coffee taste the way it does and what impacts the final cup. We break down each mechanism with exercises to back up all information. We will round up with a comparative cupping to solidify the days learning regarding origin, roast level & process. You will also learn how to create your own cupping and objectively analysis the quality and flavour attributes of your cup.

Day 2: Extraction perfection & recipe creation

Taking everything that we covered in day one we transfer our new sensory skill into workable theory for learning extraction for espresso and filter coffee. What tools we can use to help us. Recipe problem solving and adjustments.

Each day will have a series of exercises to back up the theory and all skills will be observed over the course of the two days to receive certification.

Each day costs £100 and includes certification and a goodie bag.  Completion of both days is strongly recommended for maximum learning benefits.

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