Microlot Starter Pack - Free UK Delivery

Microlot Starter Pack - Free UK Delivery

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Receive two 250g bags of specialty microlot coffee for just £15.00

Our Bailies starter pack is a great way to begin developing your palate and learning more about coffee. We'll send you two 250g bags of microlot coffee which each have different farm profiles and flavour notes.

We roast our single origin coffees relatively light because we want you to taste the subtle flavours of these fantastic beans that have been developed on the farm where they started their journey. That's why we encourage everybody to at least try these coffees without milk or sugar.

Learn about what affects coffee flavour, and how different climates, soils, processing methods and a variety of other factors influence the flavour profile of the coffee 'fruit' before it is even shipped to us to be roasted.  

Whether you learn to distinguish the difference between body and acidity, or maybe the difference between a washed and a natural coffee, we hope this starter pack whets your appetite and inspires you to learn more about great coffee.

Welcome to the beginning of a great journey!